Flight, hotel, hair transplantation trip

The Hair Transplant in Turkey may also be the occasion for a nice tricologica holiday. NEWhair organizes everything with his all-inclusive package: flight, hotel, service, interpreter and tourist visit to Istanbul.

With NEWhair a trichological vacation for hair transplantation

First thought of course, will be your hair transplantation operation, but in four days and three nights of stay in Istanbul, our agency will organize the details for your vacation so that you can also have fun and and have an unforgettable experience: you can choose the departure date as better suits you, from Monday to Sunday, every day of the month, to go alone or with an accompanier. We will do the rest. However, for those who wish, there will be every 15 days a group departures.

We are authorized for the Italian market by Dr. Serkan Aygin for packages and flights to his clinic in Istanbul. The officer authorized travel agency with whom we work for a better organization of the flight to Istanbul is Movimondo, located in the Marche region, they are professional with 20 years of experience in the industry. We will take care, NEWhair Ltd. – Hair Transplant Turkey, for Dr. Serkan Aygin, to organize the whole package, flight, reception, intervention, stay in Istanbul.

Practical information for the best stay in Istanbul

Anyone wishing to do the transplant traveling independently CAN LEAVE EVERY DAY. just contact us to get all the information on Hair Transplant in Turkey.


For the necessary documents we suggest you to check the FOREIGN MINISTRY website of your country.


Turkey applies the UTC / GMT +2 hours now: on arrival in Istanbul the clocks are moved one hour ahead compared to Greenwich time.
At Ataturk airport, which is about 20 km from the historical center, you will be welcomed by a member of our staff with your name written on a “ Dr. Serkan Aygin” card; this person will be waiting you at the left hand side of the exit.
CAUTION: The shampoo and any other liquid products must be shipped only in checked baggage (and not in hand luggage).


Minibuses of the clinic will wait outside the airport and take you to the clinic or to the hotel, depending on the time of arrival. During your stay in Istanbul, the minibus will take you on all transfers between the clinic and hotel and back (in average ten-minute journey, depending on traffic).


In the clinic, during your first visit with Dr. Serkan Aygin and also during your surgery, a Turkish-interpreter will always be with you to help in the understanding of what happens although English is correctly spoken by almost everyone both in the clinic and in the city center. The reference telephone contacts in Istanbul are those of Gianluca Pappalardo (+39 380.2128016) and Serkan Sen, the interpreter, who will assist you at the airport on arrival (+90 5327302481).
The operation must be paid in cash at the clinic.


Istanbul is a safe city, with a very high affluence of tourists, and local authorities are very careful to maintain high level of control and safety, as evidenced by the crisis unit of the Foreign Ministry of your country.

Currency Exchange

The existing currency in Turkey is the New Turkish Lira (YTL). In the center, the Gran Bazar and in the modern areas the Euro is accepted. The exchange rate is about 1 to 3 (1 euro = 3 new Turkish lira). Exchange offices (Döviz Bürosu) are very common in the city and
affordable. ATMs are everywhere and credit cards accepted in almost all public exercises.


The clinic gives a 12 month guarantee for the successful transplantation of the grafts, if after 12 months you won’t see any good result the Doctor with his clinic will repeat the operation with no further costs. NEWhair will always be available at any time for pre and post intervention. Even while you are in Istanbul you can contact us and we will provide – if we are not there with you or you aren’t part of a group – we are always available on our reference numbers.
You can use the phone with your SIM card, but the call costs are high; there are often good contracts for calling in Europe from Turkey.

partner hotels with the clinic for hair transplantation in Istanbul Turkey

The Place Istanbul is a very modern structure , near Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic, geared to business travelers, with high standards of quality and comfort ; the area in which it stands is modern , commercial, European , well served by public transport and close to the subway.

The Place Istanbul
Ozbal Sokak No: 8
Fulya Sisli/Istanbul
Tel: 00902123568118

Indicative planning your stay in Istanbul for vacation tricologica

1. Day of arrival in Istanbul
you will have a visit and your blood will be tested.
When you arrive at Istanbul airport, a person in charge of the clinic will be waiting for you. When you exit, on your left hand side you will see this person with a sign with your name. From there you will be taken to the clinic or at the hotel, depending on the time you arrive and your itinerary. The clinic will take your information, then you will meet the doctor, that will visit you and make the blood tests.

2. Day of F.U.E. transplant
The second day is the day of the operation, the client will be assisted at all times by the interpreter. In the morning you should have a good breakfast to start the day because the operation that will last around 4 to 7 hours, according even to number of follicular units that you are going to transplant. The driver will pick you up and take you to the clinic for surgery. For first, the Dr. will make a local anesthetic, then you can take a break, and finally begin the real transplant. Once finished the operation, the interpreter will take you to the Bar Restaurant above the clinic that will offer you a yogurt, a drink and a meal. After the meal you will be given medicines that are necessary for the next three days including antibiotics and painkillers and the interpreter will tell you when and how many you have to take. Then you can return to the hotel where you can relax, watch TV or go to eat something.

3. Day of the PRP and Medication
The third day you will be picked up depending on the time set by you on the previous day.
The PRP treatment: they will take a blood sample, which will then be centrifuged with a machine and then injected into the scalp.
The interpreter will explain what to do once back in your country for the first six months and will also give you a sheet with main instructions for a perfect post-operation.
Once you finished you will be free to go to Istanbul and see amazing places.

4. Day of departure, the driver will pick you up and take you to the airport
Be careful to leave at least 1 hour before from the clinic in order to be 2:30 to 3 hours before at the airport otherwise you may miss your flight (considered that there is often a lot of traffic in Istanbul); the responsibility will be yours in the event of the flight loss.

FOR EMERGENCIES CALL: Mr Serkan Sen (Cell: +90532730 2481)