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hair transplant

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You can become bald for a lot of reasons, environmental, stress, bad habits but the most common is when it runs in the family. Usually men become bold but even a small percent of women have this problem due to male hormones. For this reason the hair loss is even called androgenic (relating to male sex hormones)
Do you become bald only for inheriting it? No, in addition of the inherit and the individual hormone situation there are other causes, eg: stress, illnesses, alimentary deficiency and some medicines.
Some researches have demonstrated that a constant stress is a cause of the hair loss.
It’s not only a psychological stress but even physical. For women a physical stress could be a severe loss of weight that can cause the hair loss.
Both for man and woman, hair transplantation (FUE technique) is the permanent resolution.

Hair transplantation. What to know before, during and after the operation.

Before contacting us for information on this technique, we suggest you to read these information.

Before the operation

People that have these disease can’t be operated: HIV, HCV, HEPATITIS and any contagious illnesses.
You will need to have blood tests when you are there – included in the package- the day before the operation.
You can’t assume aspirin for 2 weeks before the operation. You have to wash your hair the night before the operation with a normal shampoo.
The morning of the operation you need to have a big breakfast. Even the day of the blood test you can eat.

During the operation

You need to shave completely before operation: the staff in the clinic will cut your hair.
The operation will need a local anesthetic.
The graft are directly extracted from the scalp without leaving marks.
The material used for the operation is sterilised or single-use.
The duration of the operation varies from the different quantity of grafts implanted, from 4 to 6 hours. During the operation you can speak to the surgeon, listen to music, sleep or watch videos.

After the operation

You need to bring a shirt that you can open from the front to avoid to damage the operated area in dressing and undressing.
After 2 days from the operation you can wash your hair. You will see some scabs for a few days, this is the normal reaction of the scalp, but after 10 to 15 days they will disappear. After 24 hours you can return to your normal routine.
There is no rejection because the donor and the recipient is the same person.
The transplanted hair will grow between 10 to 16 weeks.
The first good result you can see it after 10 months.
After the operation some people need to take a painkiller or take antibiotics, but only few people request it.
You will have a 12 month warranty, the regrowth changes from person to person,the hair won’t regrow at the same time but in different days or even weeks. The transplanted hair won’t fall.