Hair Transplantation for woman

Hair loss in women in these years is getting more freequent. The procedure is the same for men and women with the FUE technique.

Female baldness. What is it and how to resolve it.

Female baldness is less frequent that the male baldness, but in the last years there has been an increase. Statistics say that 18 millions of men and 4 millions of women in Italy suffer from androgenetic alopecia.
This can be a very severe problem for some women. Infact this problem for women is seen as a loss of beauty. Infact hair a fundamental component for non verbal communication. Millions of Italian women suffer from baldness. The main factor is for hereditary. Infact, today, femail baldness is affecting very young girls, 13-15 years old: this is mainly hereditary factors. But for a significant loss of hair after pregnancy or menopause, is mainly for hormonal changes.

Hair loss after pregnancy

During the pregnancy period, high level of oestrogen in the women, hair become more thick and beautiful. However after giving birth the situation of the hair can change in worse and start to fall. The loss of hair after giving birth is a natural effect that is reversible, most women return to have hair after a few months or maximum a year.

Women hair transplantation

There is no difference between the operation for men or for women, is always used the FUE technique. NEWhair offers a package for hair transplantation in Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic that can solve female baldness.
The price of the operation with FUE technique is the same as the AI package for men.
Everywan can be operated unless they have HIV, hepathitis C or any other illnesses previously had that can’t be operated.
Dr. Serkan Aygin with his staff will check the level of baldness using LUDWING SCALE. If the area is too extended it will be necessary 2 different operations.
Although the result for each person will be different because it depends on the thikness of the single hair and on the age of the patient.
IMPORTANT: the Dr. needs to shave off all the hair for the extraction and transplantation of the grafts.
Please check and read all the information on this website and on the HAIR TRANSPLANTATION TURKEY network, you can also contact us for further information.

Eyebrows transplantation

Did you insist too much with the eyebrows depilation? If you no longer have nice and thick eyebrows you can rethiken your eyebrows at Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic with the FUE technique. You can transplant your eyebrows even for covering an old scar or a permanent tatoo. A professional team with years of experience are going to take care of you. For futher information contact us!