Beard and Eyebrows transplantation

Beard and moustache transplantation is becoming very popular in these years. Even for these operation Dr. Serkan Aygin has chosen the FUE technique. A lot of people are requesting eyebrows transplantation that is made always with FUE technique.

Beard and moustache transplantation

These operations are always made by using FUE technique, you can do this operation to rethicken these areas.
You can transplant from 1000 to 3000 grafts. The donor area is usually the scalp (although you can also take a small percent from the chest). The procedure is the same as for the hair transplantation the surgeon will extract the grafts from the donor area and reimplant in the recipient area. Is always made with a local anesthetic, it isn’t painful and it doesn’t leave any marks on the skin. The duration of the operation is 4 to 6 hours. There is no bleeding and the healing process is very rapid, after 1 week you won’t see anything.

A lot of people are choosing this operation, for different reasons, for beauty, cultural or religious. A lot of Arab people do it because in their culture is a virility simbol and a religious respect. But even European people do it for many reasons, for beauty, for covering scars or even for transexual reasons.

The rethikening of beard and moustache is done from Dr. Serkan Aygin in his private clinic in Istanbul. Our AI package of hair transplantation is the same for these other operations.

Eyebrows transplantation

Did you insist too much with the eyebrows depilation? If you no longer have nice and thick eyebrows you can rethiken your eyebrows at Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic with the FUE technique. You can transplant your eyebrows even for covering an old scar or a permanent tatoo. A professional team with years of experience are going to take care of you. For futher information contact us!