Answers to frequently asked questions for all those people who are about to start this experience of hair transplant in Turkey with FUE technique.

Questions about Hair Transplant in Turkey? You’re in the right place

There are a lot of different questions that people ask. We have collected some answers to the most frequently asked questions about the hair transplantation in the
clinic of Dr. Serkan Aygin in Turkey, with FUE technique, indicating few tips to follow before and after the operation of the hair transplantation.

Questions and answers on the hair Transplantation

What to do before the surgery?

Regular blood tests, since the surgery is done under local anesthesia. These analyzes will be performed in the clinic before operation. Do not take aspirin for 15 days before surgery. Wash your hair the night before surgery with a normal shampoo. The morning of the operation have a good breakfast.

The transplanted hair is more fragile?

No, they are resistant, these hair will grow through life time and will have the exact same structure of other crown hair. You can then normally comb, cut, dry with a hairdryer, dyeing, and so on.

Anyone can have hair transplantation?

No. Some baldness are too advanced with a few hair in the crown area, have a generalized thinning that spares any area of ​​the head, or poor quality hair; these are contraindications. The practice followed for the project involves a preliminary analysis by Dr. Serkan Aygin, normally through sending photos of the donor from which to decide whether to operate or not. It happens, sometimes, that the Doctor refuses to operate in situations that are too risky.

There is a maximum age to undergo surgery?

No, you can start thickening the hair at twenty years old , but even at eighty years old. Provided, of course, to be in good health.

The intervention of hair transplantation is painful?

No. The current means allow to locally numb the area to be treated. During surgery you can talk to the surgeon, sleep, listen to music, watch a video …

The receiving area must be shaved to zero?

Absolutely yes. In order to receive a good graft with a 100% of success, you must shave the entire area to zero; the haircut is included in the price.

There is a risk of infection, rejection or contamination?

No. The transplanted hair is the patient’s hair, so no rejection risk; the material used for the intervention is sterile or disposable. The protocols followed by the clinical data based on international quality standards recognized in certifications produced by Serkan Aygin Clinic.

You can drive the car immediately after surgery?

Yes, you can drive any vehicle and immediately return from Turkey you can return to your normal routine in a a couple of days.

After the hair transplant surgery is essential to follow some treatment?

Usually, it is not an invasive and painful therapy, painkillers are prescribed to control any pain and antibiotic therapy, to be followed for a few days if necessary.

The transplanted hair require special maintenance?

No, the FUE hair transplant follows a natural method that does not require specific treatment, or specific products, or lotions specifications. Who makes use of a basic lotion of Minoxidil may start to use it 3 weeks after the operation.

What are the guarantees on the result of the intervention?

The regrowth is guaranteed to the extent that the grafts were removed, dissected and implanted with great care. Not all hair grow back the same day at the same time, they re-grow takes place in different times.
In addition, the clinical issues a guarantee of 12 months for the success of the operation: if after this period there is no satisfying result the Dr and his clinic will repeat the operation with any further cost.

The transplanted hair may fall?

No, because they are taken in the crown area where hair is genetically programmed to grow throughout life.

How soon you can return to the hairdresser?

After about 20 days after surgery, the hairdresser can wash, cut and comb your hair normally, but can not dye it for at least a month.

How much is the cost of hair transplant surgery?

The cost of the grafts up to 5000 is included in the package that we offer. The package includes, among other items, flight, hotel, interpreter, travel and warranty.

You can re-operate a patient already treated with an old hair transplant technique?

Yes, it can improve the aesthetic appearance in patients who have already been treated with other older techniques.

How are the operations divided for who requires more than one hair transplantation sessions?

In cases of important baldness, between one operation and the next you need to wait at least 6 months, necessary to enable the skin to recover the optimal elasticity.

How many interventions are needed to correct a pattern baldness?

A pattern baldness can be corrected in a single operation, as a function of its extension, of its stability, the quality of the hair remaining, and the height of the softness of the crown, the desired hairstyle from the patient. However, it is not uncommon for operations to be repeated to obtain a higher density. Note that it is possible to proceed with one additional hair transplant even in a head area in which are already present prior grafts.

What is hair cloning?

The science that allows today to clone identical sheep is unfortunately not yet able to hair transplantation. In fact, a hair is not a cell but a real organ very complex consisting of several tissues of different origin. For now, this technique is not available. But tomorrow …

Fall arrest drugs such as Finasteride are really effective against hair loss?

These drugs are marketed from many years. Finasteride is in the form of tablet taken every day for lifetime. Its effect is highly subjective, its action is to slow down hair loss on the posterior region of the head after many months of treatment. It appears that the efficacy of finasteride is lower on the front region of the head. Exceptionally may cause side effects such as gynecomastia, the loss of libido, and others, but disappear spontaneously at the arrest of the treatment. If the drug is well tolerated, you can prescribe it for the initial hair loss in young men, or as a complement to a hair transplant to preserve the original ones.

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